The "Strat-Ops" Difference

Technology that Works

Technology plays an ever-increasing role in P&C strategy.  Whether it was the first applications of mainframes to networks to e-commerce to cloud applications, wise P&C players have known where and when to invest in and adopt cutting-edge technologies.

But technology decisions are more than just wild promises and numbers on a spreadsheet. Operators and managers know that new technologies are only useful if they can be integrated into existing, legacy systems and processes, if they meet your unique and specific customer and stakeholder needs, and if they work.


As successful innovators of the dot-com era in P&C and current practitioners in the InsurTech and new technology market space, the QA team can help you navigate these murky waters to determine which solutions, investments, and technologies will provide:

  • The best technology solutions for your specific challenges, with

  • The greatest return on investment, and 

  • Seamless integration into your legacy systems and processes