Quincy Analytics Performance Guarantee

Management Consulting

Focused on the P&C Industry

Performance guarantees.  We’ve come to expect them from our vendors, partners, and service providers. Yet, consultants never seem to put their “money where their ‘advice’ is.” Gone are the days when confident consultants assured clients that their recommendations would yield 7 to 10 times fees incurred.  At Quincy Analytics, we think it’s time to go back to that.  Our promise to our clients is simple:  we will yield value equal to 7 to 10 times professional fees incurred, or we will waive the professional fees for your project.*  It really is that simple.


How can we be so confident?  We engage in a straightforward, but thorough, five-step process upfront to ensure expectations are clear, aligned, and quantifiable.  That way, we can guarantee each project:


  1. Focuses keenly on your unique problem and challenge

  2. Has a mutually agreed definition of “value-added” we all can measure and quantify

  3. Mitigates risks to you and organization

* Professional fees will be waived at the client's request less any agreed reasonable and customary, project-related third party (i.e. travel) expenses.