The "Strat-Ops" Difference

Delivering the Right Solution

The CEO of a very successful P&C insurer once said to us: "Strategies are a dime a dozen; I can come up with 3 winning strategies before breakfast." And there was considerable truth in that. Successful strategic solutions share 4 common characteristics.

The "best" strategies are always:

  1. Simple: the simplest solution is often the correct one.

  2. Understandable: solutions that are incomprehensible or inconsistent with the corporate mission or values are doomed to fail.

  3. Relevant: “cookie-cutter” approaches applied to your unique problems normally fall short.

  4. Executable: elegant solutions that do not consider your organization’s competencies – or how to shore up organizational challenges – cannot succeed.

At QA, we understand that the insurance marketplace and each carrier are unique.  Copycat strategies are often only a means to survive, not to thrive. And while we have broad business and industry experience to draw from, we don’t assume that what works well for one client automatically works for you.